• There’s a narrative that’s gaining steam in the entertainment press that Deadpool could be an Academy Awards contender, with stories in The New York Times, Variety and elsewhere furthering that perspective. The idea seems to be that the movie was so nervy – and that the experiment paid off – that it deserves some sort of consideration by the staid Academy members. I’m not sure I completely buy that line of thought, though. While it certainly captured the zeitgeist of the moment there was little about the filmmaking itself that jumps out at me as being among the best of the year. It was fun to be sure, but this seems to pin hopes on the Academy wanting to appear hip and with it, a role it’s not really embraced in the past.


  • Those who worked on the campaigns for Deadpool, The Jungle Book and many other movies have been nominated for Maxwell Weinberg publicist showmanship motion picture awards.