The Founder


The campaign is really built around Keaton, which isn’t surprising given his increased profile since Birdman, Spotlight and other returns to mainstream audience and critical awareness in recent years. It’s his performance that forms the foundation of the marketing, with his name and face all over the place as the trailers focus on Kroc’s journey from humble – and sometimes humiliating – beginnings to being the head of a company that he believed epitomized America. He does play what’s essentially the title role so that’s not surprising that he’d be the focal point, but it also shows how much Weinstein Co. is counting on him once again being a box-office draw, this time not for his wild antics but now for his role as a prestige actor.



The movie that’s being sold here is definitely a drama that has a number of twists. There’s certainly a big one involving “the beast” that’s referenced throughout that isn’t really addressed (though it kind of is) but other smaller ones about the breadth of Kevin’s personality disorder are clearly on display. That promises the audience that the usual Shyamalan twists and turns will be coming their way, so head to the theaters to see what happens. It’s a lot of setup and a lot of mystery that’s being shown off in the campaign, meaning it’s up to the movie to deliver on the promise being made.