My latest post at The Drum uses this week’s release of The Founder to look at two other recent movies that have pulled back the curtain at the visionary (for good or ill) heads of Apple and Facebook.

Drive along any interstate in this country and you’re likely to see multiple signs informing you of the next – or next three – exit where you’ll be able to enjoy a McDonald’s burger, fries and shake. And the meal you get in Duluth will be identical to the one you get in Atlanta, with consistency and speed being the key to the company’s ubiquity and popularity. The story of how that ubiquity and popularity came into being is being told in part in the new release, The Founder. The movie tells the story of Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton), the man whose face and story can be found in the lobbies of many McDonald’s restaurants and who is celebrated as the creator of the fast-food empire. But Kroc, as the movie shows, may not have actually come up with the idea himself. Instead it was the brainchild of Dick and Mac McDonald (Nick Offerman and John Carroll Lynch), who had the idea for burgers done in 30 seconds. Kroc, a struggling milkshake machine salesman, came upon their restaurant and became a partner, pushing the two into franchising the name and concept across the nation. The brothers soon find themselves battling Kroc for control and ultimately losing, with Kroc spinning the narrative that he was the founder of the enterprise.

Source: The Movie Marketing Blog: On The Founder, Facebook and Apple | Marketing | The Drum