A Monster Calls


While there’s no real sense of continuity or consistency to the campaign – the site is much different than the trailers in look and feel, despite some similar elements – that’s alright since the whole thing is more about creating a sense of emotion than anything else. On that note the campaign succeeds. While the movie received a limited release before the new year, now that it’s going wide it will interesting to see if it connects with an audience who might be suffering the standard January moviegoing fatigue.

Underworld: Blood Wars


The campaign seems fine, though it can’t shake the fact that the movie seems to be the definition of non-essential. As I said at the outset, it’s not like this is a widely beloved franchise that has a long history of success. While it surely has a core devoted fanbase, if someone asked the average moviegoer when the last Underworld movie was they’d likely have a hard time nailing it down. It’s been around, but isn’t like some other recent sequels where we’re revisiting characters we haven’t seen in a while. This seems like someone just making sure the IP is kept in-house.