My latest post on The Drum is up, this time looking at how audiences of different types are (or aren’t) anticipating two of next year’s biggest super hero movies, Wonder Woman and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

The two come out just a little over a month from each other – Wonder Woman on May 7th and GotGV2 on June 17th – and are both, of course, based on existing intellectual property. But the respective studios, Warner Bros. and Marvel/Disney respectively, are taking very different approaches in selling them. Wonder Woman is a grim, gritty war movie about a warrior princess while Guardians is a light-hearted space comedy involving a sentient tree and his best friend, a talking raccoon.T here’s also quite a bit of difference in how the movies are being anticipated by the movie-going audience. The marketing/audience intelligence platform Affinio crunched some numbers surrounding the social media audience for both movies and found some startling differences in what segments are counting down the days to release.

Source: The Movie Marketing Blog: Wonder Woman vs. Guardians of the Galaxy on social | Marketing | The Drum