• Disney worked with to create a special Moana-themed coding tutorial meant to encourage kids, particularly girls, to get into learning about programming and software development using the Skitch language. That’s available online and there are going to be special events at Apple stores between December 5th and 11th.
  • The studio was the first to use The Weather Channel’s new branded background ad unit that used geo-targeting to display scenes from the movie that were appropriate to the weather in the app user’s location. The ads led to the site where people could be tickets.


  • Another trailer was released just this past week, a couple days before it hit theaters. It’s not hugely different from what’s come before but does play up the elements of the story the studio feels will hit audiences hardest.

Suicide Squad

  • Screenrant counts down the scenes that were featured in the trailers for the movie, some quite prominently, but didn’t make it into the final cut.