Today is Thanksgiving here in the U.S. However you’re spending the day – with family, on your own, with family but wishing you were on your own – Hollywood has a bevy of Thanksgiving themed movies you can enjoy when you’re home and looking to decompress because OMG mom, would you just get off my back for a single damn minute.  

Addams Family Values

There’s nothing inherently tied to the Thanksgiving holiday in the trailer for this sequel to the surprise hit adaptation of the TV show. But a good chunk of Wednesday’s story involves her being involved in a Thanksgiving play at camp and that makes up a lot of what’s great about this movie.

For Your Consideration

“Home for Purim” becomes “Home for Thanksgiving” when the producers in Christopher Guest’s Hollywood satire begin to worry their movie is a bit too Jewish. That’s only hinted at in the trailer, which is more concerned with showing off the ensemble cast and just presenting some of the more broad comedy on display.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

All Neal Page wants to do is get home for Thanksgiving in this holiday classic that’s all about what really matters in life. The trailer plays up the Thanksgiving angle a bit but not overtly. Instead it’s mostly about the dynamic between Steve Martin and John Candy and includes a whole bunch of scenes that didn’t make it into the final movie.

Home For the Holidays

Now we’re more overt with the fact that the story is revolving almost entirely around Thanksgiving as we see Holly Hunter’s character come home for dinner, surrounded by a family she barely understands or tolerates. The trailer plays up the comedy and the emotional struggle and makes it look like the perfect movie for anyone who’s ever just wanted to leave the table and hide.

Pieces of April

All April wants to do is put on a nice Thanksgiving for the parents and family she doesn’t really get along with. So, with the help of her boyfriend and a few people from around the apartment building, she does what she can despite having little to no experience with cooking a meal of this size. It’s a sweet movie featuring a knockout performance from Katie Holmes.

The Ice Storm

This story of marital infidelity and the changing social dynamics of the 1970s is set around two grown children, played by Tobey Maguire and Christina Ricci, returning home for Thanksgiving. That’s just the setting, though, for a weekend that will change everyone’s lives as secrets are unveiled and more. The trailer is surprisingly upbeat considering the actual movie’s tone.

Hannah and Her Sisters

Two Thanksgivings form the bookends for Woody Allen’s story of love and infidelity among New York literary types, with one in between. The trailer doesn’t hint at that structure, instead focusing on the ensemble cast who are falling in and out of love with each other, discussing fine art and more.