My second post this week on Adweek covers a specific component of the Bad Santa 2 campaign:

Now, 13 years later, Willie and his compatriot Marcus (Tony Cox) are back for more Christmas thievery, this time including Willie’s mother, played by Kathy Bates. Instead of a department store (possibly a reflection of how the retail landscape is no longer the golden goose it was over a decade ago), the crooks have their eye set on a charity in Chicago, though all the characters are still as loathsome as they were when we first met them.

To bring Bad Santa back with a bang, Broad Green Pictures partnered with Kvell, a creative studio based in Santa Monica, Calif. The studio was given the brief to create a campaign that was “as vulgar as possible,” according to Kvell co-founder Adam Rosenberg. That’s in keeping with the overall gist of the story, which involves as much cursing, sexual content and generally hateful, selfish, misanthropic behavior as you can imagine.

Source: How Bad Santa 2 Is Using Artists to Make, and Share, Its Comically Dirty Ad Campaign | Adweek