Admittedly, it’s a slight campaign. The trailer is the main element and makes the strongest appeal, showing the chemistry between the stars as well as the impressive ensemble cast that’s been assembled. There’s a lot to like here, so here’s hoping the marketing reaches enough of an audience that will be attracted to its low-key appeal.

Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk


While there are elements of that in the campaign, it suffers quite a bit from the fact that it’s just not as robust as a large-scale awards contender should be. Just one trailer, just one poster and a website that doesn’t go into any depth on the true story being portrayed all seem a bit lackluster and underwhelming. Add to that the fact that the focus of the publicity wasn’t really the story and instead kept harping on the frame rate and other technical innovations and you have a slightly disappointing marketing push from one of film’s most-admired filmmakers.



As for the marketing itself, it all seems to be working together to create a slick, stylish brand identity for the movie. Everything here is crisp and clean, presenting an adult thriller that’s geared for the adult and discerning audience. There’s little pandering here to the unwashed masses. Many have drawn the connection between this and previous movies like Interstellar and Gravity and it’s very much in that vein, an art film for grownups that’s dressed up like a big-budget alien movie. It’s more about the themes of the story, though, a message that comes through clearly in the campaign.