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Movie Marketing Madness 700

MMM Logo - Red NameThis morning’s Movie Marketing Madness: Doctor Strange column was the 700th such post I’ve written. That’s 700 movies I’ve analyzed, to some extent or another, the marketing campaigns for. Some have been just a few hundred words, others have been a few thousand. As always, I’ve tried to bring a point of view while also providing for the benefit of the doubt, acknowledging that I’m not always in the target demographic for a movie’s campaign and so may not pick up on some elements that may stick out to others.

As notable as the 700 milestone might be, it’s also worth mentioning that I’ve written 210 of those in the roughly 14 months since I relaunched MMM in September of last year. Most weeks I do at least three campaign reviews and some weeks I’ve posted as many as five. That’s a…significant output, if I do say so myself. And more importantly, I’m still enjoying it. I was concerned back when I was mulling the relaunch that this would all get old or become too much in short order. Far from that, though, I look forward to it.

Here’s to 700 more…