My latest Adfreak post is up, looking back at how Hollywood’s marketing machine never fully embraced Vine despite it seeming like a natural fit for most campaigns.

Pour out a 40 and loop the video repeatedly until you scroll away for Vine.

Twitter announced last week that it’s discontinuing the mobile app, which allowed people to shoot and instantly share short videos, but will maintain the app and website so the content won’t disappear forever. You just won’t be able to create new video or continue engaging with what’s there.

Vine was introduced in 2013 and was purchased by Twitter before it even officially launched. Those were the days before Snapchat, Periscope and Facebook Live, when social video was still very experimental and the app was, at the time, pretty revolutionary. It never really caught on with the mainstream audience, though, eventually becoming a place for a core group of talented and eccentric creators to share funny and sometimes informative videos.

Source: Hollywood Not Vine: Why Movie Studios Never Really Embraced the 6-Second Video | Adweek