In the marketing earlier this year for Remember, the standout element was the performance of Christopher Plummer. That was the primary appeal to audiences and on that front the movie delivers 100%.

remember pic 1

Plummer plays Zev Guttman, an old man suffering from dementia. He’s prodded by another resident of the care facility he lives at to go on a long-delayed quest to hunt down and kill those they believe were guards and collaborators at Auschwitz when they were both prisoners there during the Second World War. The journey is difficult because of Guttman’s memory problems and is fraught with problems, but ultimately he reaches the end point in a finale that’s stunning and heart-wrenching and which I won’t spoil here.

Plummer is amazing in the role of Guttman, something that could have easily slipped into caricature in the hands of a less talented or restrained actor. Instead he infuses Guttman with all the humanity that’s needed to make us truly care about his quest. It’s an impressive performance that deserved more accolades.

If there’s anywhere the movie diverges from the campaign that sold it (outside of the twist at the end that makes the entire story more heartbreaking than can be put into words) it’s in small ways. There’s a confrontation with a modern-day Nazi lover that takes up significant time in the trailer that isn’t proportional to the time it plays out in the movie, though it’s certainly an important turning point in the story.

Remember is streaming now on Amazon Prime and it’s highly recommended.