The Birth of the Nation

  • Skywriting spelling out “Nat Turner Lives,” which was a key copypoint during the movie’s marketing, appeared over Los Angeles but it wasn’t clear whether it was actually a promotional stunt tied to the film or not.
  • The Nat Geo channel will air a special on Nat Turner. The special is being executive produced by Nate Parker.
  • Parker continues to address the controversy surrounding his past actions and is still taking a combative tone, which isn’t helping him in the court of public opinion.

The Girl on the Train

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

  • Ben Affleck has made comments saying he loves how the movie turned out. Take it all with a grain of salt because he still has his own Batman solo movie coming out in a couple years, so he still has a dog in this hunt. But he’s out there seemingly refuting the “disappointed Affleck” meme that made the rounds several months ago.