rss-500x500About a year and a half ago I went all in on email newsletters. It was prompted by a desire to refresh the PNConnect Weekly Reading weekly (natch) newsletter I was producing for the team and get some examples of the best practices I’d otherwise been just reading about. I wound up signing up for about a dozen of them and my Inbox was suddenly filled with great stuff, opening up what amounted to a second front in my media inputs along with my RSS reader.

Now, though, I’m out. I’m unsubscribing. It’s too much and it doesn’t fit anymore with my overall reading habits. It’s too much.

Most of the emails I subscribed to were aggregation-based, bringing together stories from a number of other sites into a single curated newsletter. So what I’ve been doing is subscribing to the RSS feeds for the sources that are most frequently popping up into the emails. That just factors more cleanly into my workflow, which includes sending stories from Digg Reader directly to Pocket, where I can deal with them later. Yes, email links can be clicked and saved via a Chrome bookmarklet for Pocket, but that doesn’t work super-well on mobile.

So I’m bucking the trend on email newsletters. I know they’re still the hot media trend but they’re not for me, at least not at the moment.

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