As we’ve been expecting for the last couple months, Twitter has opened up the creation of Moments to everyone. Or at least it’s in the process of doing so. Moments, which collect a series of Tweets and Vine videos into themed collections, were at first only the purview of Twitter’s unseen and mysterious editorial process. Then in August it was made available to select influencers and others. Now it will be available to all, beginning with the web experience and coming soon to the mobile apps.


Moments have a lot of potential to create more sticky experiences for fans. If people can curate their own Moments they can create interesting, self-branded collections of what *they* think is interesting. That can be around major news or cultural moments or around events that are more personal. Think of how so many weddings these days have their own hashtags and how people could then create Moments that bring together all the updates around that.

It almost comes across as a version of Snapchat’s or Instagram’s Stories feature, which is the new model everyone is trying to adopt and copy.

Whether or not this will catch on remains to be seen. There hasn’t, at least not in my experience, been a groundswell of clamoring to get access to this by the common Twitter population. And how it will work in practice remains to be seen. Twitter doesn’t have a super-great reputation for seamless user experiences with add-on features like this. But if it’s executed well it could be a cool new tool that brings self-curated media that’s a bit more long-lived to a platform that’s traditionally been all about being in the moment.