comScore is out with a new report on app usage by all age groups but with a focus on, of course, Millennials. What they found was that while that group of young adults use a wide array of apps, moreso than other demographics, they also use a few core apps more heavily than others. Half their usage is in just their top 10 apps, but the remaining half is spread out more widely. Contrast that with other age groups, where the usage of the top 10 apps accounts for less than half of their time spent.


What this means for marketers is that while spreading a wide footprint across a number of apps makes sense, our core activities need to be focused on just a few that are going to resonate with the demographic and audience being chased. These reports are broad and interesting but when you’re planning your own efforts it’s important to do additional research, whether it’s tapping in to existing studies or commissioning your own. Studies like this are directional, not immediately actionable.


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