• Open Road’s head of marketing talks to The Wrap about how the movie was being sold as a thrilling story, not something meant to spur debate about political issues. I kind of agree with this, but think there’s no way you can put the main character’s name on the title and have Oliver Stone direct the movie and not have it be seen as an “issues movie.” Stone’s name in particular, as I said in my column, was all over the campaign and brings with it all sorts of weight and assumptions in the audience’s mind that will be associated with the movie.
  • A billboard for the movie in Toronto has been tracking people’s movements in the surrounding area and displaying them on screen, taking the idea of real-time surveillance to the next level.

A Bigger Splash

  • Zach Johnston at Uproxx writes about how the island location featured in the movie is and should be an amazing vacation destination if you’re so inclined.

War Dogs

  • Jonah Hill is backing out of part of the French leg of the publicity tour for the movie after a host there made fun of him prior to his appearance.