(NOTE: Based on a recent The Daily Post writing prompt)

It occurs to me as I sit down to write this that I don’t really have anything I do to “recharge” in the traditional sense of the term, meaning I don’t have something I regularly do to replenish my energy. I’m always running here or doing this or dealing with that with very little time to *not* do anything. That’s something I need to address.

And yet so much of our modern lives is built around recharging our devices. We can only use our phones or laptops or whatever else for so long before they need to be recharged. It’s understood that these little pieces of silicon and machinery need down time, that they need to rest for a bit before they can be used again.

There’s no time in the schedule for us to give ourselves the same treatment, though. We push on this, we try to fit another activity in, we decide to take on more responsibilities. Myself, I’ll take these moments to catch up on some little house project I’ve been putting off.

I need to find more time to recharge, something that mostly takes the form of reading a book. What do you do to recharge?