New from me at Adweek is a summer marketing recap:

It’s September, which means a few things: School is back in session. Squirrels are starting to hunt for and bury their winter food. We’re all pulling hoodies out from the back of our closet. Pumpkin-spice has reemerged from its summer hibernation.

And the summer movie season is officially in the rearview mirror.

The last few weeks have seen the entertainment press engage in all sorts of hand-wringing over the state of the movie business. The overall box-office picture is being painted in broad terms of super-hits or super-flops, people are openly questioning whether movies still matter in 2016 and more, as the press and others try to make sense of a world where their full-throated recommendations of select movies are ignored by fans in favor of, well, anything else.Before you go to your local Walgreen’s/CVS/Duane Reade and start stocking up on the Halloween candy that’s already on store shelves, let’s take a look at how the four big categories of movies were sold to audiences this summer. Specifically, let’s look at the movies making up the summer’s top 20 releases, as tracked by Box Office Mojo.

Source: Here Are the Winners and Losers of This Summer’s Movie Marketing | Adweek