(NOTE: Based on today’s The Daily Post writing prompt)

A twinkle in my eyes? Not so much. That’s not something I think I’ve ever been able to pull off and honestly I’m not sure if I even could…or want to. It requires a playful spirit that I’m just not sure is in me. What’s the opposite of a twinkle? A black hole? I think that’s more what I could muster.

It’s not even something I’m sure I’ve seen in others. Maybe it’s my lack of situational emotional awareness, my difficulty with reading faces, but I can’t think of a time I would describe anyone else as having a “twinkle in their eye.”

So I’ll leave that phrase to the poets and the dreamers, those who can see it not just in others but themselves as well, those who can dream of that look and can visualize it. For me, it remains elusive.

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