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Cake for me is all about texture. There’s the texture of the cake itself, the texture of the icing, the texture of the sprinkles or whatever else has been added to the top of the cake. It’s about the sensation on the tongue and the way it feels when I bite down.

On a more emotional level, cake can’t be separated from the experiences surrounding it. Cake is not (at least not yet) something that’s eaten at or after every meal. It’s only pulled out for some sort of special occasion. So the moment of having cake is usually tied to some other memorable moment, some life event that’s worth a little something extra. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations…there are a number of examples. But it’s some time that’s been deemed worthy of marking.

You have the cake because it’s an important moment. But then the cake is gone. Is the moment gone too? Or does it linger?

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