(NOTE: Based on today’s The Daily Post writing prompt)

The melody wafted through the room like the smell of bread baking. He sat back as much as he could in the stiff auditorium chair and closed his eyes. The music buzzed around him. The top of his head tingled when the flutes came in…there. His eyelids fluttered involuntarily when the violins began their sweeping refrain…there. The base of his spine vibrated when the percussion kicked in…there.

As soon as the harmony came in he was lost, transfixed in the moment. With his eyes closed the lights behind his eyelids lit up in time with the music. He swayed and rocked and let the tune enter every pore of his body, penetrating down to the bone. He felt it deep down.

Eventually the spell was broken. The outside world came flooding back in as he opened his eyes. For those few fleeting moments, though, he was in the music and the music was in him. The melody was his soul, the harmony his mind.