I’m pretty excited that, after a minimal amount of pleading on my part, the Adweek team has opened their doors to me, letting me contribute there once a week or so. My first piece ties into their “Golden Age of Audio” theme this week with a look at how movie studios have – or haven’t – latched on to podcasts as a marketing tool.

Movie studios are great at two things when it comes to audio formats: 1) Getting their talent to appear on podcasts, which is really just an extension of getting them on terrestrial radio; and 2) Sponsoring podcasts, particularly to raise awareness of their new releases, specifically smaller movies or those with some level of prestige. In my research and experience, I could identify only two examples of originally produced, owned podcasts that were created to promote new theatrical releases.

Source: Why Don’t Movie Studios Produce Their Own Podcasts? Blame Paris Hilton (Maybe) | Adweek


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