Following up on its announcement the other day of revenue sharing with video content creators, Twitter today said live video broadcasters can also monetize their efforts. Specifically, Twitter wants to allow brands and other influencers to make money with their Periscope live streams. As an example they’re pointing to a campaign involving Chase and Grey Goose sponsoring the casts of tennis star Andy Roddick from the U.S. Open, which will involve him not only broadcasting but also answering fan questions and otherwise engaging with viewers. Some Tweets with broadcasts will receive paid promotion in addition to whatever organic lift and support his updates receive from the sponsoring brands.


It’s not a wholly unexpected move and shows that Twitter is pretty serious now about using revenue splitting and other money-making opportunities as a way to anchor some of its power users to the platform as well as encourage brands to chip in some additional ad money to boost the reach of those Tweets. As I said before, this has long been one of the complaints leveled against Twitter, that it wasn’t doing enough dollar-based encouragement of its creator/celebrity/brand base to keep them interested, something other platforms was doing. Now it’s trying to correct that.