Facebook has rolled out new tools for coupons, tools that both make it easier for businesses to create and share them and for shoppers to use them.

facebook coupons

For the businesses, coupons and deals can be created that are either for online or in-store usage and they can be sent to potential shoppers either through targeted ads or via a post on their Page. You can guess which one will have the bigger reach, though these posts are of the special “Offers” variety that have a different weighting in the News Feed. Unique codes will also help retailers and advertisers track how often their deals and coupons are being used.

For shoppers, Offers will show up automatically in a new bookmark section on the web and mobile app dedicated to those deals. People will be able to either copy and paste offer codes directly if they’re redeeming online or use the app to display the coupon or deal if it’s being redeemed in person.

Considering “get access to exclusive savings” is almost universally cited by social users as the primary reason they connect with brands of any sort on social networks this makes a lot of sense. And it’s easy to see how this is good for Facebook since it keeps people in their ecosystem. And these deals are certainly going to be eyed as a good use of paid promotion dollars to extend their reach and therefore usage. But it’s also easy to see this eating into spending elsewhere, particularly in things like print mail circulars or even other digital platforms. Facebook wants to own this just like it wants to own most other experiences. While it remains to be seen if this particular effort will connect with shoppers, it’s a safe bet if it doesn’t that this won’t be the network’s last attempt.

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