I’ve been mulling some changes in focus and where I put my efforts and have made some decisions that are going to be of interest to like five of you, but whatever.

First, I’m going to change up my Movie Marketing Madness TinyLetter distribution. Instead of copying/pasting the full MMM columns into the email I’m going to start publishing the blog post first and then linking to it from the email, which will just contain an excerpt or teaser. Basically I feel this is too long and my ultimate goal is to drive people here to my site, so it’s time the tactics reflected the goal.

Second, I’m going to stop posting natively on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. This is a result of the increasingly harsh and inconsistent actions of those networks, exemplified recently by the saga of Jim Weber, who had his Twitter account unilaterally deleted when he posted a few GIFs of Olympic events. That happened with minimal communication from Twitter and allowed for no process by which Weber could address the issue and take down the offending material. It just shows how social networks are more sensitive and responsive to the needs and desires of big media and other companies than it is the users who are on the networks every day. Couple that with all the ongoing hate speech that’s allowed and to which the networks say “ugh, that’s hard” when it becomes a problem and I’m just done. I’ll still engage and such, but I’m not posting original material myself. Posts here on the blog will be automatically shared through WordPress to those networks.

Third, Quick Takes are going away. I was trying to continue what I’d started doing years ago, most recently with PNConnect Weekly Reading, but it’s also just not working for me. Instead I’m going to start publishing shorter posts that aren’t part of the normal news feed here but are Asides that can be found in the “In Other News…” section at the bottom of this page. That should allow for a little more context and let me be more timely. For right now that just feels better for me.

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  1. All sounds good.

    The email being shorter makes sense.

    Sometimes I question how much time I spend on Twitter–mostly because I don’t really get that much return out of it. Twitter is so appealing, because it’s so easy to just tweet something quick. And then tweet something quick again. It’s kinda like candy. Have a little candy here, a little candy there. Ultimately, that candy doesn’t really give back that much. And then you have the candy manufacturers putting bans on certain people altogether. (ok, i’m pushing the metaphor).

    I’ll miss your Quick Takes. But I can understand the amount of time it takes to go through a load of articles, and then write up thoughts on each article. Not just summaries, but actual thoughts. I really appreciated them. Your Quick Takes were my primary source on what’s happening in the social media/publishing world. Any recommendations on other newsletters that did something similar to yours?

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