Facebook’s new teens-only app Lifestage turns bios into video profiles (TechCrunch, 8/19/16)

A social network developed only for those who are in high school and college. Congratulations, tech sector, you’ve lapped yourself. It’s a good concept and seems specifically designed to keep it from facing into irrelevance through adoption by anyone’s parents, which is reportedly what’s happening to Snapchat right now and is what drove many teens from Facebook proper. Whether or not Facebook can make a go of a standalone app, something it doesn’t have a great track record of, remains to be seen.


Exclusive: Facebook Live is getting a cool new feature (The Next Web, 8/21/16)

As the story says, this has been hinted at for a few months now. This update will allow for multiple hosts, providing what might be considered a much more traditional broadcast experience, with hosts in multiple locations that can play off each other.

“It’s a little bit of a crazy concept”: Three women’s newsletters on the decline of the glossy magazine (8/18/16)

Many – almost all – of the reasons people are starting email newsletters are the same, or iterations thereof, reasons people started blogs in 2004, including the desire to bring a unique voice to a generic media landscape, subject-matter expertise and more.