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Suicide Squad

  • Kim Masters has a great piece in The Hollywood Reporter that chronicles the travels of the movie through studio bureaucracy and the issues that came up at all levels. It’s a cautionary tale for how studios announce release dates years in advance with no solid plan in place to actually hit that date. Also note how the trailer firm Trailer Park was brought in to actually edit the finished movie, showing the increased importance in making the movie’s tone match that of the trailer’s. Its role in the urgent plan to right the ship that is DC’s film slate is also covered here.
  • The movie versions of Deashot, Harley Quinn and Joker have been added to the popular Injustice: Gods Among Us mobile game.

X-Men: Apocalypse

  • Artist Bill Sienkiewicz has spoken out about how his Dazzler artwork was used as a promotional item Fox gave out at San Diego Comic-Con as part of the run up to the movie’s September home video release.


  • Writer/director Sian Heder wrote a powerful essay about the real life story that inspired the movie and how her attitudes about motherhood have evolved over the years. It’s a great read.