Periscope adds human-curated streams with an ‘Editors’ Pick’ section (The Next Web, 7/14/16)

The new human-curated section should help not only existing users find new and interesting videos to stream but also aid in the onboarding process as it provides a shallow end for new users to jump into.


Watch the conventions live on YouTube (YouTube Blog, 7/14/16)

Well, at least people will have a choice of where to watch, either on YouTube or Twitter. Or TV, of course.

What you need to know about messaging app Line in 6 charts (Digiday, 7/14/16)

If you, like me, don’t know much about Line and who’s using it or where those people are, this Digiday roundup will be invaluable. More than pure demographics, this is the kind of thing where it’s important to see how different apps/networks are used in different regions. That can help guide strategies as well as tactics.

Ads on Premium Publishers’ Sites Are 3 Times More Effective at Boosting Brand Favorability (Adweek, 7/14/16)

It’s not surprising that the good reputation of certain news sites such as The New York Times would provide a bigger boost in effectiveness for the brands advertising their. That halo effect is exactly what the advertiser is hoping – and paying – for.

Facebook is Bringing Instant Articles Inside Messenger (Recode, 7/14/16)

This is all about encouraging more publishers to use the Instant Articles platform, of course. Not only is Facebook continuing to make the “loads faster” pitch but now it can add the incentive that they can be shared easily on Messenger, taking advantage of publisher’s desire to do more with messaging.

Why the success of online news video relies on social platforms (The Media Briefing, 7/15/16)

A new study shows that for all the talk about how video is so important, it’s disproportionately succeeding on social networks, which prioritize natively-hosted media and penalize – or at least don’t give the same preferential treatment to – video that’s hosted on an owned site or elsewhere.