In my review of the marketing campaign for Somewhere I wrote:

Everything is stylish, immaculately lit and promises the audience that does come to see it a movie that presents an interesting character study of the people in a world not many of us have access to. It is very much an example of Coppola following that oldest of writer’s mantras and writing what she knows. So this campaign will work on bringing out those who are interested in seeing her tell that story regardless of any other preconceived stereotypes.

So I was kind of right. The movie is about stardom but not in the sense that the campaign was selling. Instead it’s more about the price the stardom takes on your soul and the relationships with those around you. Dorff as Johnny, an action star who has divorced his wife and had a long string of one-night stands, is really good, particularly in how his relationship with his daughter, who he’s asked to care for when his ex-wife takes off for an unknown period of time. His scenes with Fanning are great and show a genuine, non-forced or fake dynamic.

The campaign wasn’t super-spot on since it sold a movie that was more about the trappings of fame and while that’s certainly a component of the story the focus of the movie is actually much more about how he deals with rearranging his life, which is full of sex and makeup commitments and so on, to accommodate the presence of his daughter. That’s a much more compelling story but it’s one that, even on rewatching the trailer, really doesn’t come across in the campaign.