X-Men: Apocalypse

Independence Day: Resurgence

  • The unfortunate accidental death of actor Anton Yelchin means the Jeep Grand Cherokee product placement and cross-promotion for the movie is kind of awkward, including the automaker’s sponsorship of the recent red carpet.
  • That microsite allowing you to see what an address would look like after an alien invasion is also coming in for criticism since the fictional scenes created for some real addresses to closely mirror past tragedies.


  • No, I didn’t write about the movie but recent comments by star Zoe Saldana on the backlash the story faced, specifically aimed at her and her appearance, are worth noting.

Swiss Army Man

  • Chris Gardner at THR goes a bit more in-depth on the text campaign that let you interact with Manny and ask him questions.


  • Some big online banner ads have been seen out and about, pointing people to more information about getting tickets. Example is below.

wiener dog banner ad