The Do-Over

  • Netflix released one final trailer that focuses much more on the latter part of the story, after the two guys have assumed new identities. This came out like three hours after I published my column. smh.
  • Also immediately after publishing the column I started noticing full motion banner ads promoting the movie and pushing people to Netflix.


  • It seems a handful of mentions of the chain within the movie spurred TGI Friday’s to go ahead and line up an actual promotional relationship, debuting a few movie-themed cocktails.
  • This New York Times op-ed seems indicative of a trend in the press, which is to put Deadpool in its place in the super hero genre and point out how it’s not only an exception to the rule – it wasn’t endlessly teased over the last six years and so isn’t beholden to all kinds of mythology – but also the best example of pairing a star with a role in these films yet.

X-Men: Apocalypse

Love and Friendship

  • Kate Beckinsale talked about what it is that attracted her to the role, including doing something she hasn’t been widely known for, and how she wasn’t even aware it was based on a Jane Austen novel when she got the script.