I contributed a bit of material to the latest PNConnect Digital Essentials issue, this one covering accessibility and what it means for your business. This is an important topic I was grossly uneducated on previously but now something I’m quite passionate about and interested in. Please do check this out.

“Accessibility” is a big buzzword in social media lately, with both Facebook and Twitter recently announcing updates to improve accessibility on their networks via alternative text for images. But accessibility (sometimes shortened to “a11y” — there are 11 letters between the “a” and “y” in “accessibility”) is more than a trend or an interface tweak for a small minority of users. When done right, accessibility makes the Web more useful and usable for everyone.

This issue’s Feature clears up four common misconceptions about accessibility, while our Guide offers tactical tips to get started with making your site more accessible. We also have a synopsis of a fascinating interview with LinkedIn accessibility pro Jennison Asuncion, himself a blind internet user, and our Case Study collects several stellar examples of accessibility upgrades. Throughout this month’s edition, we’re sharing recommendations for accessibility tools to improve your browsing experience and give you a sense of what navigating the Web is like for differently abled users.

Source: Accessibility | PNConnect Digital Essentials