Search Party


But if you want to see a stupid, nonsensical brotastic comedy with a bunch of actors you kind of like from that other thing you know them from then it may be worth your on-demand dollar to check it out. These guys are funny and the supporting cast of Alison Brie, Jason Mantzoukas and Krysten Ritter are always solid as well. Basically this looks like a loose idea of a story around which a bunch of friends got together to make a movie. That can be amusing some of the time and here’s hoping this is one of them

Sunset Song

sunset song photo_02

The marketing puts the focus squarely on Agyness Deyn’s Chris, which is where it should be since it looks to be her story we’re following here. Deyn looks to give a compelling, emotional performance that should bring people in. It’s the rare (and welcome) case where the female character looks complex and interesting with an arc of her own and the men look like they’re pigeonholed into stereotypical roles that are just meant to move her story along.

Money Monster

money monster pic 1

It’s somewhat surprising that the campaign puts Foster, who’s not on camera, front and center. She lead the press push, her name is all over the trailers and posters and is basically the public face of the movie. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but it’s an unusual call for someone who’s not at the Spielberg/Coppola level to get play in the marketing that’s at this level. Then again, those guys are rarely the ones who are sent to the late night talk shows, so perhaps it was Foster’s ability to do so and the desire to refamiliarize the public with her work that was behind this call.

The Lobster

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I don’t think I can overstate how much this campaign relies on word of mouth. It’s really counting on people talking about the movie to others to stoke not only enthusiasm but also just awareness of the film. There’s so much of that happening here that I need to state overtly that I’m giving a pass to whatever might be missing from the campaign. Not that there’s a lot that is actually missing – I would have liked to have seen a theatrical poster and the website, while clever, does nothing to sell the movie to anyone who’s not familiar with its festival circuit reputation – but I get that the studio is putting all its chips on that particular spot.

Love & Friendship

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…the movie is very much being sold as a dry comedy, not even as a comedy of manners or anything like that. Sure, there’s some of that in here but the trailer in particular wants to present it almost free of the expectations that come with being a Jane Austin adaptation while also taking advantage of the association with her name. That may sound like a contradiction but it’s not really and it works here. If you’re a fan of bone-dry comedy this one is being marketed especially to you.