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My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

  • A sponsored post for the movie – actually for Windex that used the movie as a hook – on Buzzfeed became the center of a conversation in media circles when the AP Tweeted the post without Buzzfeed’s consent and without clarification that it was an ad. While it’s not uncommon for one news organization to RT something from another, the ethics and economics are, or at least could be, different for sponsored content like this.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

  • Did the marketing campaign reveal too much of the twists, turns and potential surprises? That’s the opinion of this post, but I contend the studio had little to no choice in doing so since to keep things like this secret would have been Exhibit A if the movie failed and someone needed to be held accountable.
  • Before the movie’s opening weekend was even over the studio released a deleted scene showing Luthor in the Genesis Chamber that hinted at, it was widely believed, some of the story’s connections to the New Gods. That’s not clear at all here but it would explain the rant he goes on at the end, which is filled with threats he would otherwise have no way of knowing about.
  • Pamela McClintock at Hollywood Reporter has a good overview of the paid campaign for the movie, particularly the advertising spending and cross-promotions.
  • Putting a cap on the minor ARG effort around LexCorp, the company issued a statement distancing the company from its now-incarcerated leader and saying it did not understand his actions.