I Saw The Light

…the campaign sells a movie that doesn’t sugarcoat some of the problems Williams went through in his short but prolific life. Sure, it still presents him as a man who was heralded as a genius both while and after he was alive, but the marketing shows that the ways he fell short of being someone to truly look up to and idolize, at least personally. Williams may be a relatively obscure figure – he doesn’t have the broad cultural awareness of someone like Johnny Cash – so the challenge is to make the movie, through the campaign, relevant to the bigger audience, a bar I’m not completely sure is cleared here. But for those who enjoy a good biopic or those who *are* hip to Williams’ role in music, there’s a lot to latch onto here.

i saw the light pic 3


Get a Job

…it’s not bad for a movie that’s been on hold for four years. There’s nothing here that’s going to blow anyone’s doors off and it takes the easy way out on a lot of fronts. But the trailer sells what looks to be a totally pleasant video-on-demand rental. It makes the case that hey, these two leads have some decent charm and charisma and the story isn’t going to task your mental facilities too much so come on in and enjoy.

get a job pic 1

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

You can’t say the marketing isn’t both consistent and on-brand. Everything here is washed out, devoid of strong colors and drenched in rain and fire. It’s perfectly in line with the universe begun by Man of Steel and with Zack Snyder’s overall directorial brand. All that carries over from the posters to the trailers to the site and more.

batman v superman pic 4

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

The campaign sells a movie that is indeed charming but which is going to appeal to…actually I think this is going to appeal to the same demographic, or at least the same people, as the first one. The 2002 movie wasn’t exactly aimed at young people and this one isn’t either. It’s for people who want something mildly amusing on a Friday night, either at the theater or at home, with their significant others. This isn’t “wacky” romcom territory, it’s more heartfelt. So if you liked the first movie you will likely be interested in this one, though it may not be enough to pull you out to the theater.

greek wedding pic 1