A couple of stories have hit in the last couple days about how this year’s Oscar contending movies are doing on social networks. Since I’m not going to have time to write up my own take I’m adopting the “link to the rest” part of that old saying.

mad max fury road

From EW comes data on which nominees have garnered the most Twitter buzz. That story includes some very cool visualizations of that data direct from Twitter itself.

Deadline has data from RelishMix (never heard of them) on which movies did the best in terms of cumulative reach. That includes YouTube video views for trailers, Facebook and Twitter audience reach and more. The data seems to look specifically at how much gain each movie’s material got from its nomination.

Finally, Indiewire shares a ranking from YouTube of how widely viewed the trailers for each Best Picture nominee have been. As the story points out, that’s interesting because YouTube is a destination where people often go intentionally seeking out marketing material, so it’s very much a premium spot.