In my column on the marketing for Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows I wrote:

This is one of the most clear cut cases of “If you liked the first one here’s more of the same” sequel marketing that I’ve seen. It might even beat efforts for the second Transformers movie and a couple other blatant offenders. Everything here (except the odd way Rachel McAdams barely makes an appearance…does something untoward happen to her character in this one?) is designed to make sure that the audience is completely sold on the notion that very little original will happen here. Instead it’s made clear that this is, while not recycled, certainly very familiar material that covers well-worn ground.

That’s very much true, as is my later assertion that like the first one it’s completely disposable entertainment. That may be why there’s no great love for these movies that’s sprung up in the last few years since their release. They’re perfectly serviceable bit s of entertainment but the calories pass right through you with little left behind.

There’s not much else to say. The movie is very entertaining and the campaign sold it well, though in retrospect it overdoes it a bit buy presenting it as this big, bold epic when in reality it is the aforementioned bit of disposable entertainment. Everyone’s obviously having a good time and hoping the audience follows along. And of course it became clear why Rachel McAdams is barely in the marketing, though that’s too bad since more McAdams is always a good thing.