PNConnect Digital Essentials in 2015

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Over the course of the past year I had the chance to get more involved in PNConnect Digital Essentials, a monthly report the PNConnect team puts together covering both important news from the past month along with deeper dives into some of the bigger issues and trends that are impacting the social media and content marketing industry. So as we put the final touches on 2015 I thought I’d share them here. Some of these have become blog posts that I’ve linked to, others have just lived within the newsletter but all of them, if I do say so myself, are worth checking out along with everything else each edition. Here’s a roundup: 

February: Hasthags: Not So Super

March: Native Videos on Social Networks: Pros and Cons

April: Achieving Balance With Your Comment Policy

May: In a World of Viral Sameness, Strike Your Own Path

June: Instagram Emoji and the Importance of Voice

June: Live-Streaming Best Practices

July: It’s Not Easy Being Evergreen

August: How and Why To Create a Taxonomy For Your Social Program

October: Knowing When To Say “No” To Content

October: Medium 101

November: Snapchat 101

December: Never Tell Me The Odds: Star Wars Reboots Movie Marketing

In addition to (or in spite of) my contributions, the team that puts together this report each month includes a massive amount of great information. This is very much meant to be representative of the PNConnect team’s take on the issues of the day and I’d encourage you to check out all of them. If you have questions about the report or PNConnect in general please leave a comment and I’ll get in touch and answer whatever I can.