Dropbox announced yesterday it would be shutting down their popular Mailbox app. And Facebook announced it was closing apps like Rooms, Slingshot and more.

It’s another reminder that the platforms we count on for content marketing are transient at best. While I didn’t do so, nor did anyone I work with, I’m sure there were plenty of professionals who devised strategies and tactics to utilize tools like Facebook Rooms. Now those plans are gone, lost forever like tears in the rain.

blade runner like tears

That’s why it’s so important to not fall victim to Shiny Object Syndrome. Tactics need to be built on strategies that are platform-agnostic to a great extent. That’s not to say there aren’t tactics that are platform-specific, but the strategies should be bigger than any one tool. That’s the only way to future-proof your content marketing program.

Sustainable programs aren’t build on platforms. They’re built on strategies that speak to larger business goals and which can be executed on whatever platforms may be available. The example I use most often is that you don’t need a Vine strategy; You need a short-form video strategy. Those platforms may come and go but the goals and strategies need to be long-lasting.