In my campaign review (over six years ago, but I just finally saw it) for Inglorious Basterds I wrote:

Unfortunately while the individual components range in effectiveness from Very (the first trailer) to Somewhat (the posters), when you put them together you come away with kind of an odd campaign that never really winds up as a cohesive whole. The branding imagery is consistent throughout and that’s a good thing. But in terms of reaching an audience it can’t hide what it is, which an extremely violent movie with limited appeal outside of those handful of groups that are going to go see it based on not on the strength of the campaign but simply because they’re aware that Tarantino has a new movie coming out.

I thought that was pretty representative of the movie as a whole. Looking back at the trailers there are a couple scenes that didn’t make the cut into the final film, but that’s not surprising. The tone, though, was absolutely in-line with the actual movie, though the movie has a flow and feel that is all its own.