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Questions Persist Around Social Commerce

New from me at Voce:

We all know, as marketing professionals, that social commerce is going to play a larger and larger role in our content marketing mix. Most of the major social networks have rolled out some sort of “Buy Now” button and it’s likely only a matter of time before the holdouts like Instagram and others get on the bandwagon. Once this fully seeps into the expectations of end user they’ll demand it. And there’s simply too much money to be left on the table, either through brands paying to boost reach or through taking a percentage of each purchase made.

But there’s some indicators that shoppers are still hesitant to embrace these options. The main issues seem to be that the process around those purchases remains unclear. These buttons lack the explicit instructions and caveats that are the norm in e-commerce, including return policies, shipping a package to an alternate address (particularly important this time of year) and so on.

Source: Social Commerce Still Not Firing on All Cylinders « Voce Communications