The latest from me on Voce Nation:

The perception, as we’ve noted before, is that every content program should be engaging with 100% of the replies, mentions and comments coming in from customers. And, as we’ve noted before, this expectation remains utter and complete malarkey.

That reality was reinforced by a representative from LinkedIn (a Voce client) when, in that session, he said that 100% isn’t the goal because 100% of the people don’t need, deserve or even want a reply from the brand.Some have mentioned the company name as part of an otherwise non-related conversation with a friend and a brand reply is intrusive and creepy. Or they could just be letting off steam and singling your brand out as part of a bigger problem with their life. (Ex: “I’m sick, the car needs engine work and the Target is out of the only pasta my kids eat!!”) Or they could just be straight-up trolling.

Source: Focus on Engaging With the People Who Matter, Not the Whole Audience « Voce Communications