MMM Logo - Red NameAt the end of 2012 I shut down Movie Marketing Madness as a stand-alone website and stopped writing the columns. My rationale at the time was that doing so had become too time-consuming and there were other things – family, work etc – that needed my attention more. It wasn’t bringing in as money as it was costing, so I put the kibosh on it. But I’ve always missed it and have played around with bringing it back a dozen times in the intervening years.

Well now I’m excited to announce that yes, I’m going to restart MMM as a going concern, so to speak. I’m planning, at least for now, on doing at least one column per week in the same format I used to. That may change as things continue, but I still like the way that looks and feels and the structure it provides, so for now it’s what I’m sticking with. I will *not* be running this as its own site but instead will be publishing those columns right here on, with new columns joining the archived ones in a category here.

While I do a lot – no, really; a LOT – of writing about current trends in the social media marketing space for both Voce and Porter Novelli I’m also hoping to cover some of those stories here, but from a slightly different point of view. Sometimes that may be explicitly how such and such news applies to movie marketing, other times it just may be from a more personal perspective. I’ll also continue to share Voce and PN posts here as more or less a complete archive of my online writing.

The social media landscape has shifted quite a bit in the three-plus years since I stopped doing MMM full time and I’m cognizant of that as I go into this. While there are still some pieces I’m putting into place, right now you can connect with MMM on Twitter, Facebook (I’m still working on the URL there) and Flipboard. Twitter and Flipboard in particular will be outlets where I publish and curate news that doesn’t necessitate a full write-up here and, as I would tell a client who was doing something like this, I hope to make the content on each channel unique enough that you, the reader, will connect with all those profiles. It’s all about the value proposition, in my professional opinion.

While I’ve been writing a bit behind the scenes (again, just as I would advise a client to do in a similar situation) the first column in the relaunched Movie Marketing Madness won’t go up until the first week of October. I will publish those columns after 10/1, though, so there’s a complete live archive of them. Basically while I remember how to ride this particular bike, the wheels are a bit rusty and I’m not at top speed. And, admittedly, I won’t be for a while. But I like clean starting lines, so October 1 – or at least close to that – is very attractive to me.

I’m very excited about bringing back a feature that I love quite a bit and which, I think, still has the potential to be pretty unique in 2015. Like I said, there will be more updates to come in the next couple weeks on this, including new and interesting ways for you to connect with MMM in ways that match whatever your media diet may be. I hope you’ll join me.




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  1. Sweet! I’ve started following you after your Movie Marketing Madness, so I didn’t even know you had this series. I’m excited to read your coverage of this area.

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