Pew has a new report out on the state of the news media in 2014. There’s a ton of good data in there on staff sizes, revenue models and everything else. But what stuck out at me was the information on how people were using social networks to get their news.

Facebook in particular showed up as a way some 30% of the audience get their news, though additional data shows that’s not actually on purpose – people are seeing news and sharing it while they’re on Facebook for other, presumably personal, reasons. And the study reinforced an earlier story about how visitors who come in via Facebook have much lower engagement rates on-site than those who visit directly.

Other stats show that half of Twitter users discover news on the site, though it’s likely much of that is “I was on Twitter anyway” type of discovery much like Facebook. Other studies have shown, though, that in breaking news situations people are more likely to turn to Twitter for updates than they are Facebook.