I’m old enough to remember when like 10% or so of Super Bowl ads even had a URL, much less a freaking hashtag. And the URL strategy was – and is – much more sustainable than a hashtag, which isn’t necessarily unique, can be hijacked by anyone and has all sorts of other problems. But, as I’ve said many times, they’re only going to become more pervasive since most networks now support them. Which, ugh.

Per StarStar’s numbers, during last year’s big game, only 14 percent of the advertisers used a Facebook call-to-action, while 33 percent included a Twitter hashtag and 53 percent mentioned a branded online destination. It’s worth noting that Facebook did not have hashtags at this juncture a year ago and few brands were utilizing them on Instagram compared to now. So high-paying Fox advertisers such as Volkswagen might be more inclined to employ them on-screen since they are now relevant across three major platforms.

via Infographic: Will Super Bowl Advertisers Put Hashtags and Facebook URLs in Their Spots? | Adweek.