I still follow Super Bowl advertising news with great interest, ever since Tom Biro and I helped redefine the publicity cycle around Super Bowl advertising.

Oh, you didn’t know we did that? We totally did.

In another sign of that strategy’s growing popularity, Google is adding for the first time a gallery of teaser video clips to the annual YouTube Ad Blitz channel devoted to Super Bowl commercials. The gallery, scheduled to go live early Friday morning, begins with preview videos from five advertisers planning to run commercials during Super Bowl XLVIII on Feb. 2: Butterfinger, Doritos, Intuit, Squarespace and Pepsi, teasing its sponsorship of the halftime show.

“What used to be a one-day event, with some postgame water-cooler chat, is now an eight- to 13-week experience,” said Lucas Watson, vice president for brand solutions at Google.

As a result, “major advertisers are trying to win the conversation” before the game, he said, as well as during and after.

via Super Bowl Ads Get Their Own Pregame Show (and It’s an Early One) – NYTimes.com.