Yahoo’s monetization plan isn’t quite ready to come out of the over:

But what’s clear from talking to agencies is that Tumblr has a ton of work to do in order to have the capabilities to give advertisers what they want in a market where advertisers aren’t hurting for options of where to place ads.

via Tumblr Ads: Not Ready for Prime Time | Digiday.

I haven’t done any Tumblr advertising on behalf of clients so far, but I can easily see that coming at some point in 2014. But right now what seems to be resonating the most – and which seems to have the biggest adoption rate – is simply promoted content, boosting the signal of an already-created post through some paid amplification to people who aren’t otherwise following that profile. It’s the easiest to pull the trigger on, allows brands to highlight key milestones or promotional opportunities and seems to gain the most eyeballs and subsequent network growth. So there’s that.