Classic Star Wars, this time with motion

I love these “Classic Moments” cards from Star Wars that pull, obviously, classic moments from the original and frame put in vintage trading card-looking frames. Not only are there still images but a few of them are GIFs, adding a little motion to the cards. G_9-13

It’s more than just the nostalgia, factor, though. This is a really interesting reuse of existing assets into a new form factor that adds something in addition to pulling on the heartstrings of fan boys and girls everywhere. Looking at the GIFs like the one above of the one below, it forces me to think about those classic moments in a slightly different way. It changes my perspective on them.


In a big way this is about how media consumption has changed. It’s not just about the whole movie, it’s about these small, sharable moments that unite people around a common idea. By sharing that “Wampa Attack” card I’m expressing something about the movie that others may feel similarly about. If others are anything like me they just replayed the entirety of Empire Strikes Back in their heads, with the above GIF as a prompt.

By Chris Thilk

Chris Thilk is a freelance writer and content strategist with over 15 years of experience in online strategy and content marketing. He lives in the Chicago suburbs.