I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that the last thing I will ever do is connect my Netflix account with Facebook. That sounds absolutely awful, both in terms of what I would be sharing with people and seeing what they would be sharing with me.

quora-logoAn interesting defense of Quora’s weekly email digest and it’s role as a really good entry point into the site’s world of answered questions.

An interesting look at memes and the power they have on platforms like Instagram.

If you run a corporate publishing program and you haven’t already begun looking to adding Google Authorship to your site or blog you should probably do that. Serious SEO and other benefits await you on that front.

It’s about time digital delivery of movies to theaters was signed-off on. This has been a conversation for years and could revolutionize on-demand screenings since, theoretically, any movie could be stored remotely and beamed to theaters for a specially arranged viewing.

The idea of 3D printing of hardware is, honestly, something I have a hard time wrapping my head around it’s so mind-blowing.

Whether or not a secondary market of e-books and digital music is being hashed out in the courts. Meanwhile I still can’t easily rip a DVD to my computer to watch whenever I want.

I love Matt Mullenweg’s doubling-down on long-form content being key to the future of WordPress. There aren’t enough people writing good, long-form thought pieces these days and WordPress is a fantastic platform for that or whatever else someone wants to produce.

Wired has a good story on Foursquare has evolved from a location-based game you played with your friends to something that powers the location-specific data we now expect in so many of our apps and tools.

pulse_app_iconLinkedIn is acquiring news reading app Pulse, something that may tie into its recent efforts to become more of a media company, driving people back to its site for the latest content, whether it’s housed there or aggregated in their regular curated lists of stories.

The New York Times is joining the minimalist news-reading design trend, one that seeks to undo the feature creep that has resulted in a mess of ad clutter and return to quality packaging of stories while still offering premium ad opportunities.

John Battelle raises the question at the heart of Facebook’s filtering algorithm: If it’s my feed, why can’t I consume it in the manner that I choose?

Terry Heaton wins at internet for March with this quote: “Not only is this (brands behaving on social networks in the same way individuals do) something that businesses “will” do; it’s something they will “have” to do, because the network that connects all of us in the 21st Century is a network of equal nodes. It’s a network of people and personal brands, and if businesses want to connect with everybody else, they must do it as an equal. That means playing by the rules of human interactivity instead of the hierarchical “driving” of behavior.”